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16 februari 2009

Second hq done

So its been a while since my last update. Painting has been slow for a while and when ive gotten around to doing it ive mostly finished up some old guardsmen that needed som attention. Ive finished up my second hq (got this in the box0´guardsmen that i bought off a mate).
Officer (Not painted by me)
Vox-operator Meltagunner (Not painted by me)
Army Standard (Once again, it wasn´t me)

Ive rebased them and now i think they fit very well into my existing army. Still got one HW to do from that batch (ohh and one gaurdsman) but after that ill post a pic on a Leman Russ thats been vrying for paint for ages. Untill then..


29 januari 2009

Heavy weapons team complete

I bought a bunch of IG (battleforce, HQ, rattlings) of a friend this week and have therefore been busy with making them fit into my army. Rebasing is always a mess but it was ok. Didn´t cut up my fingers that bad this time :).

Yesterday i took a break from painting reggular guardsmen (got 37/60ish something done) and did a heavy weapons team instead. Not the best painting but it brings it up to an accepteble TT standard in my eyes.

Not sure when ill post another update. Ill try to make the next one a massive one with lager chunks of my army.
Cheers /Millmir

25 januari 2009

Leman Russ "Wasp" completed

What a diffrence!? After completing Doomsday (the baneblade) the last couple of days i was thinking that doing another tank would take hours and hours. What i did not take in acounnt for was the fact that the Leman is so much smaller than Doomsday made it seem like painting a regular gaurd unit in comparision.

All and all i´d say it took me 7 hours or so for putting it togther and painting it. Not to bad when just the paint took 10 hours on Doomsday...Ivé used the same style as before but made this tank a bit muddier. Reason for this is i imagine that being in the frontline explosives going of will blow up a heap of mud everywhere not just where the crew is moving.

So i was orignally going to draw a freehand pinup 1950´s girl on the side of the turret but came up with this idea that i think turned out way better than a pinup could. Thinking of keeping the insect aspect on all three Lemans.

Today i´m going to try to complete to guardsmen. Ill post again when i have a squad ready and after that ill do either a lascanon heavy weapons team or a heavy bolter and then ill move on to another tank.
Cheers /Millmir

22 januari 2009

Baneblade complete!

Finally i have completed my baneblade! It took me 3 days (or 11 hours) to complete and i must say i really think that isn´t to bad for a model of that size. I used the (citadel) spray gun to get the basecoat done and this saved me around 3-4 hours of work plus the fact that the result turned out smoother.

Again i used the method of making the crew parts muddy to get a realistic effect. Think this works really well and overall makes the tank look so much better.

So finishing this project meant i would be out of models for a bit...but this morning i got some new ones (my b-day) so i should be busy for a while...

I also finshed up a part of my anvil of doom thats been laying around for years. Just took a few moments and i think it turned out very well.

Next i shall be doing some Leman Russ tanks and ill also try to get around to rebasing some models im going to buy of a freind.

Cheers /Millmir

18 januari 2009

IG Officer done

Tried a new type of painting today! Hungover painting :).

Think my officer turned out very well dispate the fact that i wasn´t able to concetrate for any longer periods of time.

What do you think?

With this mini done i have a painted Hq and can finally start to play small games. I think the Hq group turned out very good and i think they look very nice.

Ive also made a display piece for my dwarf army. Ill post pics of it tommorow when the final glue has dried. My plan now is to get the baneblade done before thursday (my birthday) when i probbly get some more modells.

Cheers / Millmir

17 januari 2009

IG Standard

After 4 hours i finally finished the painting on my IG standard. Think he is one of the best models i have painted and i hope you agree when you take a look.

Think the flag reminds me of a power that was in WW2...No more needed to be said on that subject. Painted it somewhat like the orginal in colour scheme the obly big difference is my lighting with is painted with some gold coulor instead of bronzed flesh and white.

Enjoy, Millmir!

14 januari 2009

IG Medic

Finally ive got around to painting after some intense school work. I started the medic last night and got the mini done just before i went to bed. Had plans on doing the company standard barear but ended up doing the base of the medic instead (and playing xbox =] ).

Hope you like how he came out!

Did the paintjob slightly diffrent from what i usally do. I waterd down the basecoat and applied some water to the drybrush on the clothes. Think it turned out good and i´m going to do this as standard from now on. Takes sligtly longer for the paint to dry but this time is mad up by the fact that its quicker to apply the paint.

Cheers Millmir

11 januari 2009

Vox operator

Countined my HQ box today and finished the vox operator. Think he came out alright might need to put some more effort on him in the future but hell do on the tabletop for now though. Tommorow ill do the medic if theres time for it. Hopefully ill get the entire box completed on friday.

Also finished the base for the meltagun today. Nothing special so i see no point in posting it.

Cheers /Millmir

10 januari 2009

IG Melta gunner

Spent all of yesterday finishing of the last parts of my guardsmen and today i have finally started with the HQ box. Started with the one i thought i´m going to need to put least attention to but still spent over 3 hours with the paint job.

The base isnt done yet but ill do it as soon as i get time.
Im pleased with the blue contrast on the green.

Cheers Millmir

8 januari 2009

Mortar team and dwarfs!

Didnt get time to update last night but ive finally completed the dwarf-basing project! Just cost me two small cuts on my left thumb :). Think they came out really good and i finally feel like i might do the rest of the army one day! It really helped get my motivation back. Figured out that i had based just under 100 models in 3 days...

None of the bases have any conversion work, its simply straigt up gravel painted:

Primer: Chaos black spray
Basecoat: Bestial brown
Heavy drybrush: Grave yard earth
Light drybrush: Kommando Khaki

It makes a good contrast to my dwarfs who are mainly painted lighter colours.

Not the best picture but it works for you to get the idea.

On another note i finally finished the motar team ive been promising for a couple of days. Going to paint two more guardsmen and then move on to hq and better looking models before doing another 20 guardsmen. Cheers Millmir

6 januari 2009

30 dwarf bases

Just relized when i started to go buy the rulebook today that all shops in Sweden are closed due to a national holiday. So that meant no motar team today either...

Started thinking of what i needed done paintwise and then i relized that my dwarf bases weren´t done. Since i´d been stupid enough to glue the models to the base i had to spend most of the time removing them from the bases. But boy was it worth it! My dwarf models are mainly models that ive painted a while ago and the paintjob isn´t that great. They look good on a tabletop battle but individully they simple don´t have that great standard. The bases made the models look way better!

Ive done 30 of my around 70 dwarf minis and hopefully ill get around to doing atleast another 30 tommorow.
Cheers Millmir

5 januari 2009

New display case

Have today bought a display case for display of my minis. Think it may be a better way then having them in the closet....

My plan is to use the top two shelfs to show what i´m currently working on (40k, WFB or other models). The lowest will be used to store boxes of non mini related items. The shelf thats left will be used to display whatever models that fit.

This has lead to that i have not been able to complete the motar team as planned. Figured out that the base way to get hold of a base would be to buy the starter pack of warhammer 40k. This will give me the rulebook and loads of spures for conversions.

So ill make the same promise as yesterday to put the motar team up tommorow.

Cheers/ Millmir

4 januari 2009

Guardsmen since november

Ive been very busy the last couple of days and therefore not posted any new pics. Ive been working on a motar (GW IG) team but im currently missing a base so ill probbly go to town tommorow and get a base for them and post pics for "all" of you later in the evning.

Ive taking some shots today of the IG ive painted from november and untill now so thats what i was thinking of showing you today.

My "green" beret conversion to the right. Had a hard time deciding on what colour to use on the beret. Went thrugh most of may paint. Tip kids: keep it simple.

One of my favorite guardmen conversions ive done.

Just an overview of some of the guardsmen that are done. I think i got three left untill im going to start to paint the HQ but i might do yet another pack of guardsmen first to get the strength i need in the army.

I other news ive finished building my baneblade. Went for the same one as the box has, tried sevrall ways but think it just looked best that way. Tried to think of conversions that would be cool but simply didn´t think it was needed when i was done.

Cheers Millmir