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4 januari 2009

Guardsmen since november

Ive been very busy the last couple of days and therefore not posted any new pics. Ive been working on a motar (GW IG) team but im currently missing a base so ill probbly go to town tommorow and get a base for them and post pics for "all" of you later in the evning.

Ive taking some shots today of the IG ive painted from november and untill now so thats what i was thinking of showing you today.

My "green" beret conversion to the right. Had a hard time deciding on what colour to use on the beret. Went thrugh most of may paint. Tip kids: keep it simple.

One of my favorite guardmen conversions ive done.

Just an overview of some of the guardsmen that are done. I think i got three left untill im going to start to paint the HQ but i might do yet another pack of guardsmen first to get the strength i need in the army.

I other news ive finished building my baneblade. Went for the same one as the box has, tried sevrall ways but think it just looked best that way. Tried to think of conversions that would be cool but simply didn´t think it was needed when i was done.

Cheers Millmir

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