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8 januari 2009

Mortar team and dwarfs!

Didnt get time to update last night but ive finally completed the dwarf-basing project! Just cost me two small cuts on my left thumb :). Think they came out really good and i finally feel like i might do the rest of the army one day! It really helped get my motivation back. Figured out that i had based just under 100 models in 3 days...

None of the bases have any conversion work, its simply straigt up gravel painted:

Primer: Chaos black spray
Basecoat: Bestial brown
Heavy drybrush: Grave yard earth
Light drybrush: Kommando Khaki

It makes a good contrast to my dwarfs who are mainly painted lighter colours.

Not the best picture but it works for you to get the idea.

On another note i finally finished the motar team ive been promising for a couple of days. Going to paint two more guardsmen and then move on to hq and better looking models before doing another 20 guardsmen. Cheers Millmir

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