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30 november 2010

Random updates

Luckily I succed better in painting then updating this place, an update every saturday...Ha!
Well the ambition is to get this place going again. I got some pretty cool projects that I´ve started and hope to have finished soon and to show you here on the blogg. I´ve also made an order from the very kind people at CT-scenery (if you havn´t you MUST check them out). But I´ll keep this a secret until I know more about the progress.

Also if you live in Sweden you should check out Gamemaniacs and/or Kulturkommisariatet out as they both have special offerings for christmas (more info about this on Anatolis bloog as well as special codes that will get you a very nice special discount.

I also hope to be able to post some new film reviews within the near future, real life has taken alot of what used to be spare time so there hasn´t been much progress on that I´m afraid.