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31 augusti 2010

I´m back!

So basiclly it has been 1 and a half year since my last blogg here. The resaons for this is that my gaming has taken a diffrent turn since my last post. I have quit playing WHFB and stoped painting both FB and 40k.

I don´t feel like going into detail but the lack of decent players and the mentality of the company simply started to remove some of the joy with the hobby and therefore I looked at alternative systems.

On a Swedish forum I found great inspiration in Anatolis (make sure you check out his blog as well) posts were he showcased everything from regular ww2 soldiers to great two legged walkers apparently known as mechas. To say the least I was inspired and ask him if he would be kind enough to give me a demo and he did. 16 months later I have sold all my GW stuff and have collected 3 of the major 4 armies in this awesome game known as Secrets of the theird reich (known from here on as SoTR). The blog will probably mostly showcase miniatures from SoTR or SoTR related products and currently I´m building a Soviet force that hopefully will be finished in oktober.

However Mr Anatoli has been kind enough to also introduce me to This Very Ground and Malifaux (the next big project after the Soviets are done) and so this blog will most certainly also feature models and terrain for those systems.

Finally this blog will hopefully serve another purpose and that is to provide a second hand or another perspective at some of the projects and games that will be mentioned on Anatoli´s blog as he is the person I battle most of my games with.  

So this post turned out to be a wall of text. But I thought that some explaining might be called for as it was a long time since anything was posted here. Now to show you the goodness of SoTR just some random pics of my collection.