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25 januari 2009

Leman Russ "Wasp" completed

What a diffrence!? After completing Doomsday (the baneblade) the last couple of days i was thinking that doing another tank would take hours and hours. What i did not take in acounnt for was the fact that the Leman is so much smaller than Doomsday made it seem like painting a regular gaurd unit in comparision.

All and all i´d say it took me 7 hours or so for putting it togther and painting it. Not to bad when just the paint took 10 hours on Doomsday...Ivé used the same style as before but made this tank a bit muddier. Reason for this is i imagine that being in the frontline explosives going of will blow up a heap of mud everywhere not just where the crew is moving.

So i was orignally going to draw a freehand pinup 1950´s girl on the side of the turret but came up with this idea that i think turned out way better than a pinup could. Thinking of keeping the insect aspect on all three Lemans.

Today i´m going to try to complete to guardsmen. Ill post again when i have a squad ready and after that ill do either a lascanon heavy weapons team or a heavy bolter and then ill move on to another tank.
Cheers /Millmir

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