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22 januari 2009

Baneblade complete!

Finally i have completed my baneblade! It took me 3 days (or 11 hours) to complete and i must say i really think that isn´t to bad for a model of that size. I used the (citadel) spray gun to get the basecoat done and this saved me around 3-4 hours of work plus the fact that the result turned out smoother.

Again i used the method of making the crew parts muddy to get a realistic effect. Think this works really well and overall makes the tank look so much better.

So finishing this project meant i would be out of models for a bit...but this morning i got some new ones (my b-day) so i should be busy for a while...

I also finshed up a part of my anvil of doom thats been laying around for years. Just took a few moments and i think it turned out very well.

Next i shall be doing some Leman Russ tanks and ill also try to get around to rebasing some models im going to buy of a freind.

Cheers /Millmir

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