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6 januari 2009

30 dwarf bases

Just relized when i started to go buy the rulebook today that all shops in Sweden are closed due to a national holiday. So that meant no motar team today either...

Started thinking of what i needed done paintwise and then i relized that my dwarf bases weren´t done. Since i´d been stupid enough to glue the models to the base i had to spend most of the time removing them from the bases. But boy was it worth it! My dwarf models are mainly models that ive painted a while ago and the paintjob isn´t that great. They look good on a tabletop battle but individully they simple don´t have that great standard. The bases made the models look way better!

Ive done 30 of my around 70 dwarf minis and hopefully ill get around to doing atleast another 30 tommorow.
Cheers Millmir

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