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26 september 2010

Katyn and Max Manus (and Defiance)

I will be doing Sunday updates on the blogg from now on. Have been thinking about different concepts that work time wise for me (as I from about two weeks ago have somewhat limited time to paint) and also provide readers with a less random amount of updates. So from now on the blogg will be updated once a week on Sundays.

Just starting my first real job last week I decided to take a day yesterday to just watch films and relax. My local video store has had a great sale of dvd´s and I have been there looting a couple of times already.

So far I have bought:
Battle under the Orion
In Tranzit
Max Manus

Defiance (2008)
I have seen Defiance once before and I must say that I recommend it to anybody interested in WW2 films.

The films stars Daniel Craig and I just have one word to say. Bromance. I like his acting very much and he does this role way better than any bond flick made to date.

In the film the characters are hiding in the deep forests in Belorussia. The plot follows the three Bielski brothers and their struggle for survival. Just getting food is a life/death situation and every time they leave their home in the forest camp they risk getting caught and executed. As If this weren´t enough they soon take on the task of taking care of other refugees including the old, sick and children. I won´t go into any more detail but I as I started off. I strongly recommend it to anyone with a ww2 interest. 

More on Defiance can be found here:

Max Manus (2008)
To start with I had no clue about Max Manus and it basically ended up here because I thought the cover was cool and I needed one more film to get a discount off two others I wanted. Sitting down and taking a closer look I relized that the movie was from Norway and delt with the underground partizan movment in Oslo during the war.

The story is told about Max Manus a sabouter working for the british intellegance sabotaging some of the biggests ships the Nazis had during the war. The fact that Max Manus indeed did exist and the way the story was told made the film really intressting and I could barley pause the film for the 2 hours it took to see. 

Another film I stronlgy recommend. I´m not sure how easy it is to get outside of Scandinavia though but I would give it a go because it truley is worthwhile.

More on Max Manus can be found here:

Katyn (2007)
This was the first film I saw yesterday and this was probally the film I was most excited about. Not that it was a bad movie but it was lot to take in for me as I don´t speak the language (the film is in polish) and the artistical angle taken by the director. It was very good for setting the mood, the entire film was very dark and made you go back and fourth between the lifes of the people under the soviet command and the lie´s they were told and the prison camp where the polish soilders were beeing held.

As the other films I would recommend this film but I would probally see the other films first.

More on katyn:

For next week I will have painted my Anti-mech team for SoTR and might aslo have began painting my NKVD soldiers. Until then!

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