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7 september 2010

From The Motherland With Love

Due to a freind leaving for the states for a year both painting and bloggupdates got put on hold for a short while last week.

Anyway, this models shown down below are mainly for SoTR and will be playable both as a Mecha-plutoon (see doomsday) and a regular Survivor platon (from the core rulebook). The models are from Black tree design and West Wind.


Survivor Platoon                           (51rp – support)                             Mechavaya Plutoon

Character Vasiley                                                  4Rp                       Character Samokhin    5Rp
Command section “1”                                            6Rp                       Half team             3Rp
Radio,  4SMG, Kommisar                                                                   Half team             3Rp
Survivor section “2”                                              6Rp                         Half team             3Rp
4SKS rifles, 5SMG                                                                              Full team             6Rp
Survivor section “3”                                              6Rp                         Full team             6Rp
3SKS, 5SMG, 1LMG                                                                         Full team             6Rp
Survivor section “4”                                              6Rp                         Mechas:
3SKS, 5SMG, 1LMG                                                                         Scout sqaudron 1 (HMG) 5-6RP*3
Survivor section “6”                                              6Rp                         3 Small mechas,assu. pod., HMG 
3SKS, 5SMG, 1LMG                                                                         Scout sqaudron 2 (Flamer) 4RP*3
Sniper team “Zaichata”                                         4Rp                         3 Small mechas,assu. pod.,Flamer
2 Man sniper team                                                                               Command mecha   Unknown RP
HMG section “7”                                                 3Rp                         Medium mecha,Twin HMG or ATgun
3 Man team                                                                                         Nayk Spider mecha
HMG section “6”                                                 3Rp                         Large Mecha, Per the DD rules
3 Man team
Anti armor section “5”                                          2Rp  
Anti mech rifle team “0”                                        1Rp 
2 Man team
Mortar Section ”8”                                               4Rp  
3 Man team + spotter
Siberian Sub Humans “9”                                      4Rp
5 Man team from
3 SMG                                            0Rp
1 RPG                                             1Rp
1 Flamer                                          1Rp
2 Packed LMG   (1Rp each)           2Rp 
Mechas from Meachavaya Platoon if needed

The numbers next to the type of unit indicate what the bases says on the individual models in the group. As I havn´t got a Russain keyboard I won´t be recording these on the mech platoon here but you will be able to see them on the photos below.

I´m still deciding on the arment of the mechas. The Hmg mechas may be twin-linked and this would probably be what they areif you go by WYSIWYG rule. However this may be impossible to make a 50RP force with all the requirements for the force. On the other hand one might as well play 55rp battles and that would solve the problem.

Also the command mecha may or not be armed with a AT-gun. I feel that the platoon will have plenty of fast weapon platforms but lack in AT ability due to the hardest hit they can produce (without the Nayk, and lets face it it ain´t going to be played under 70RP) is Very Light AT and hence only piercing L armour. They will be deadly vs infantry but with no real AT guns tanks will have them for tea.

The regular platoon might not be the most exciting or effective force but I think the mass of models will prove fun to play with against as they really do have a "motherland" feeling to them.

So far I have completed the Mecha platoon part all but 1 half team, this will be posted with the rest of the pics as soon as they are done due to the fact that their uniforms where more similar to them.





Unlike Samokhin Vasily was a real solider from WW2 and the motion picture Enemy at the gates is roughly based on his life. He is said to killed more than 225 axis soldiers during WW2.
For more info about vasily:

 Half teams

Full Teams
Group T
Group I
Group II

 Survivor Sqauds
Group 4
Group 3
Group 2
Group 3

 For The Motherland!

If you havn´t noticed yet I´m reusing almost every single model in both platoons. Aslo all the helmets with stars are a groups sergeant. This is also noted on the base of the mini.

 So hopefully you have enjoyed this presentation of my soviet forces. I will in time get a battle report going and describe how they work in battle. Next up I will be describing the mood of SoTR and recommend and rate my top 10 favourite WW2 movies.

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  1. That's a load of models, look forward to meet them in battle sometime soon.