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8 februari 2011

Halflings and Blood Bowl board

Since finding the LAF forum I had almost forgeotten about doing updates here. I guess promising updates every saturday was setting the bar a bit high. I do however still inteend to update this site as often as I can and feel like it.

Anyway I promised you guys a look at some cool stuff so with no futher delay....

First of I would like to introduce the arena of play. The Magic Mushroom pit. Home to the Winston Big Mouths Halfling team.

MML logo

When not in play the board makes a nice wall display

This beutiful board was made by the very talented people over at CT-scenery who where kind enough to modify it to my demands  :D

Turn counters also provided by CT, in the same colours as the board.

The Big Mouths are done. The team has 23 models, 22 halflings and 1 tree man.

Almost all of the figures have a number on their helmet. Fluffwise I imagne that as the Halflings tend to be....squisy they are assigned a number in the order they where recruited. Hence the higher the number the less time that player has spent on the field (I tried to get alot of 80+).

All the players are unique in that none of them share the same "body shape"/helmet/shirt combo. I also made them so that skins can play shirts If I feel like it.

The Treeman model was a joy to paint. Incredible silly but so cool...
I´m very found of the birds nest on the shoulder.

As I can only have 16 linesmen I have decide that I will use the 3 new halflings (from the latest blister) as characters.

For the next part of MML I will show you a Shadowforge Nun team to be used as amazons. All I have left is 3 mini´s and to figure out a good name for them.

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