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29 december 2008

87th Basilisk company

Have just finshied the last parts of my basilisk. I did a green colour scheme as you can see because i think it brings the cleanest results. Ill probally do the entire armoured section of my army in this colour scheme. Enjoy!
I did the troop steps muddy. I think this gives a realistic effekt.

Same side but futher away.

I like the blue contrast of the green on the "windows" around the hatch.

Loaders view. Ive added a axe and a spade on the left hand side since the pic.

Im not able to get my transfers the way i want them. Might just take them of and paint the motive on instead...

Still got some small "fixeruppers" like some boltgun metal on the earthshaker. Iam going to start working on the two crewman today and hopefully ill have some results later tonight or tommorow.

Cheers Millmir

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